About the Society

We are a fun and dedicated registered non-profit with a board of 6 members, all of which are volunteers. We have been actively fundraising and advocating for the need for indoor play since July 2013. The SuperPark is our passion and our love for our community drives us to make sure the facility is a success.

The Board

Consists of 6 members at the moment, the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors. All volunteer and all bringing something unique and valuable to the table. They are dedicated to making your indoor play space a unique and fun place to be AGM’s happen yearly and we always welcome new members, fresh faces equal fresh perspectives.

The Society

Our Society Members rule the world!!  Ok, maybe not the world, but definitely the SuperPark. As a member, you have a say in the happening of the park and are the key part of our non-profit. Want to join? Call the SuperPark at (250) 785-5401 or email your interest to npsuperpark@gmail.com.

Jaandi Roemer – Founder of the SuperPark and CEO.

Welcome!! I am a stay at home mom with two very energetic children on the Spectrum. I am very involved and accessible to the families in my community and the SuperPark has been my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much as well. I see the need for active play in our youth and it is my personal mission to make sure that it is always accessible to our community’s future generations.

Alyssa Ingberg  – Director

Hi! I am a commercial painter and a mother of 2 young boys. I joined the SuperPark Board so I could be involved in a wonderful, much-needed cause. I am happy that I did and it has been wonderful to see how far the Park has come!

Welcome to the SuperPark!!

Carl Waddington – coming soon

Michelle Nicolaisen – Director

Hello! I have been a Director on the SuperPark Board for 4 years. I am a full time mother of two beautiful girls and have a pretty active outdoor life. I love being a part of the SuperPark because they embrace this about me and allow for my lifestyle as well as being part of such an amazing project in my community! Being a part of the SuperPark is less of a job and more like being part of a family.

Brandi Kennedy – Secretary

Hello! Welcome to the SuperPark! I have been involved as a volunteer and a Society member since it was formed in 2013. I officially became a member of the Board in 2017 and have enjoyed every moment the opportunities have given me.

As a mom of 4 children, I understand the need of having a safe, inclusive indoor playground in our community. With the high birth rate, long winters, and large number of young families in this community, this facility being needed is a no- brainer and I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful project.

– coming soon

The SuperPark

The SuperPark is an all inclusive indoor playground facility that is open all year round. We pride ourselves in being open and accessible to children and families of all size, need, ability and income level. With our “natural based play”our hope is that when you come to visit us, you feel comfortable, wanted, and included in every aspect of the park. We are a family and the families that visit us, are an extension of that.

You help put the super into the park!!

Meet us:

ADDRESS:  8162 100th Ave,
Fort St. John, BC,
V1J 1W5

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